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Aguila 12 GA Minishell Ammo

Aguila 12 Gauge Minishell Ammo for Sale

Aguila Minishell shotshells are only 1-3/4" long, and greatly increase the capacity of pump-action shotguns. They work great in Winchester 1300 shotguns, though other pump guns may not cycle reliably without modification. Perfect for use as low-recoil ammunition for single-shot or double guns as well. Ideal for recoil-sensitive shooters.

Aguila Minishell Slug

Loaded to SAAMI specs, this Minishell slug load is recommended for target shooting and small game. Designed specifically for smooth bore barrels but can also be used in rifled choke tube barrels or fully rifled barrels.

Aguila Minishell Buckshot

This particular load features a combination of #4 and #1 shot.

Aguila Minishell 7 1/2 shot

This load features a combination of #7 1/2 shot.

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