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DRT Terminal Shock

DRT Terminal Shock Ammo for Sale

DRT™, revolutionary lead free, penetrating frangible ammunition in time proven calibers. DRT's Terminal Shock™ line of ammunition is comprised of either a copper powder metal core or a tungsten powder metal core - which is then wrapped in a copper jacket. This allows the bullet to not leave behind any residue in the barrel of the firearm or cause excessive wear. This ammunition is used by law enforcement agencies, for home defense and by determined hunters. DRT™ lead free centerfire ammunition is designed to out-perform all other ammunition, whether related to accuracy, reliability or terminal ballistics and it is environmentally friendly. Our frangible bullet breaks apart upon penetration of an organic target and returns to its original powder form while still being able to deliver terminal effects on the target. The high density frangible bullets will disintegrate upon impact with a hard target such as steel or rock and thus reduce the risk of ricochet and personal injury. The successful law enforcement application of our product led to extensive R&D in the field of hunting and in 2007 we introduced just the perfect round for the determined hunter. We have tested our hunting rounds worldwide in different climate conditions, performing terminal shots over 1,000 yards. We teamed up with Safari Club International TV in 2007 to get some of the incredible hits on camera (Expedition Safari airs on the Versus channel). At Dynamic Research Technologies, we introduce this new generation of ammunition to you today. We are very conscious about our environment and so is our bullet – it is lead-free! All ammunition is loaded within SAAMI specs unless otherwise noted as +P.

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