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Lapua SK Rimfire 22LR Ammo

Lapua SK Rimfire 22LR Match Competition Ammo for Sale

Lapua ́s long experience in rimfire cartridge manufacturing shows in an outstanding series of medals and world records. Lapua cartridges bring the shooters success in every discipline. The compatibility of the cartridge and the rifle is especially important in prone disciplines

Lapua ́s uncompromising approach to quality is probably most evident in rimfire cartridges. Although the quantity of shots fired is high, the marksman must be able to trust every single cartridge to work and hit its target accurately. Lapua is proud to introduce the SK brand.

SKrimfire ammunition is manufactured to strict tolerances. Each individual cartridge is inspected at the factory and fifty cartridges from each batch are tested to make sure that the highest quality rimfire ammunitionis reaching the consumer.

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