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Outdoor Limited Weekend Sale!

Outdoor Limited Weekend Sale Starts November, 22nd (While Supplies Last)


Rimfire Ammo Sale


Winchester 22LR
40gr BCPRN 2,000rds

Per Round Cost: $0.032

Price: $64.99
*Price After MIR*

Hornady 22 WMR
45GR FTX HP 50rds

Per Round Cost: $0.220

Price: $10.99

Armscor 22 WMR
40gr JHP 500rds

Per Round Cost: $0.120

Price: $59.90

Browning 17 WSM 
25gr Polymer Tip 500rds

Per Round Cost: $0.199

Price: $99.50

Handgun Ammo Sale


Winchester 9mm
115gr FMJ 500rds

Per Round Cost: $0.160

Price: $79.99
*Price After MIR*

Armscor 380 Auto
95gr FMJ 1,200rds

Per Round Cost: $0.189

Price: $227.00

Fiocchi 45 ACP 
230gr FMJ 500rds

Per Round Cost: $0.260

Price: $129.90

Ten Ring 40 S&W
180gr TMJ 500rds

Per Round Cost: $0.214

Price: $106.99

Rifle Ammo Sale

Prvi PPU 30-06 Springfield
150gr FMJ 200rds

Per Round Cost: $0.645

Price: $128.99

Tula 223 Rem Steel
55gr FMJ 1,000rds

Per Round Cost: $0.180

Price: $179.50

Aguila 5.56x45mm
55gr FMJBT 300rds

Per Round Cost: $0.283

Price: $84.99

Precision One 300 Blackout
*Reman* 155gr CPFMJ 200rds

Per Round Cost: $0.384

Price: $76.80

Shotgun Ammo Sale

Aguila 12 Ga 2-3/4" #7.5 Shot
1oz 1200fps 250rds

Per Round Cost: $0.228

Price: $56.99

Estate 12 Ga 2-3/4" #8
Shot 1-1/8oz 1200fps 250rds

Per Round Cost: $0.236

Price: $58.99

Fiocchi 410 Bore 8 shot
2-1/2" 1/2oz 1250fps 250rds

Per Round Cost: $0.288

Price: $71.99

Fiocchi 28 Ga 2-3/4" #8
Shot 3/4oz 1300fps 250rds

Per Round Cost: $0.292

Price: $72.99

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Winchester Rebate!

For a limited time, earn $20.00 back for each eligible Winchester ammunition can you purchase.  Limit one offer per household.  Offer is valid on qualifying purchases made between November 1,2019 and December 31, 2019.  Offer expires and all requests must be received by January 15, 2020.  Rebate is in the form of a check.  Must submit individual box UPC codes for eligible redemption.  Minimum rebate amount $20.00.  Maximum rebate amount is $100.00.

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: berger bullets!

Berger's Target bullets are the perfect bullet for the reloader looking for great performing, consistent, accurate long range bullets. The VLD design gives these bullets the highest possible ballistic coefficient meaning they will be less affected by wind and will typically shoot flatter than flat base bullets of the same weight. Target bullets are designed primarily for target shooting but are also effective on larger varmints. This is not loaded ammunition.


PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT - amend2 magazines!

Amend2 magazines provide versatility to our customers who use them in many different applications. From the casual to competitive shooter, the law enforcement professional to the hunter or any other place in between. Amend2 magazines will meet the demands of any set of requirements for any circumstance while performing head and shoulders above the competition.