Contactless Local Pick-Up 


  • ** ORDER ONLINE **


Contactless local pick-up now available however the store will remain closed 


To ensure an effortless pickup process follow the direction below: 

1. You will place local orders on the website like normal, and enter a phone number that accepts texts. This is the only way we will contact you 

2. Only arrive at the store when you get a text message, Do not arrive when you get the email saying your order was “shipped.” This will only extend the waiting period 

3. Once you are ready to pick-up your order, reply to the original text message from phone number: 833-535-0853 that you’re on the way. 

4. When you arrive at Outdoor Limited, please park in one of the four designated spots numbered 1-4. Please text us to let us know which parking spot you’re in as well as the color and model of the vehicle. Stay in your car and open the trunk, that is where your order will be placed. We will be double-checking the order however if there is a problem with your order text the store number (833)-535-0853

*Once you leave the parking lot the sale is final and we cannot accept returns.* 

We ask that you do not place an order if you are not able to pick it up within 48 hours, we will have to refund the order if it is not picked up within 48 hours. 

Please double check your order before it is placed. We will not accept returns, no exceptions.