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Outdoor Limited Weekend Sale!

Outdoor Limited Weekend Sale Starts January, 17th (While Supplies Last)

Rimfire Ammo Sale


20gr FMJ 500rds

Per Round Cost: $0.170

Price: $84.90

Armscor 22LR
36gr PHP 5,000rds

Per Round Cost: $0.029

Price: $144.99

Federal 22 WMR V-Shok
30gr TNT JHP 50rds

Per Round Cost: $0.210

Price: $10.49

Aguila 22LR 
40gr CPRN 5,000rds

Per Round Cost: $0.034

Price: $169.99

Handgun Ammo Sale


Sellier & Bellot 9mm 
115gr FMJ 1,000rds

Per Round Cost: $0.160

Price: $159.99

Precision One 38 Special
125gr *Reman* FMJ 500rds

Per Round Cost: $0.248

Price: $123.99

Sellier & Bellot 45 ACP
230gr FMJ 1,000rds

Per Round Cost: $0.258

Price: $257.99

Fiocchi 357 Mag 
142gr Truncated Cone 1,000rds

Per Round Cost: $0.300

Price: $299.99

Rifle Ammo Sale

Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor
140gr BTHP 200rds

Per Round Cost: $0.690

Price: $138.00

Hornady 6.5 Grendel
123gr BTHP 200rds

Per Round Cost: $0.695

Price: $138.99

Prvi PPU 243 Win
90gr SP 200rds

Per Round Cost: $0.550

Price: $109.99

Wolf 223 Rem Steel
55gr FMJ 1,000rds

Per Round Cost: $0.175

Price: $174.90

Shotgun Ammo Sale


Aguila 12 Ga 2-3/4" #7.5
Shot 1oz HV 1325fps 250rds

Per Round Cost: $0.224

Price: $55.99

Fiocchi 410 Bore 3" Lead Chilled
11/16oz #6 shot 1140fps 250rds

Per Round Cost: $0.404

Price: $100.99

Spartan 20 Ga 2-3/4" #1
Buckshot 9 Pellets 250rds

Per Round Cost: $0.400

Price: $99.95

Fiocchi 28 Ga 2-3/4" #8
Shot 3/4oz 1300fps 250rds

Per Round Cost: $0.308

Price: $76.99

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Closeout deals!


Congratulations you have found the Outdoor Limited Closeout page! Let our loss be your gain. All of the items on this page are listed far below cost. We have priced this ammo to move. Do not let this opportunity go to waste, this is a one time offer and will sell out quickly, first come first serve. Everything must go! ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!!


PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Outdoor Limited range ready buyers club!

You asked for it and we delivered!  We are proud to offer our new Outdoor Limited Range Ready Buyer's Club.  Benefits include:


  • Purchasing the buyer's club membership automatically receives free shipping on the initial order
  • Free shipping on all orders over $99 including Ammo for one year
  • Exclusive member only deals
  • Early event notification so that you get the deals first
  • Priority order processing
  • One year membership


**Please allow 1 day to be enrolled in the buyer's club for your next order with free shipping.** 

**Non-refundable membership fee.**

**Excludes hazmat items (Smokeless powder and primers).**




TThe invention of the G2R's projectile R.I.P.™ is related to the ability to control the way the projectile reacts as it passes through different mediums by control of the mfg process, geometry and the rate of failure at different zones along its axial length. More particularly but not limited to the ability to take the projectile and predictably have it stay solid in one medium but yet have the exact same projectile predictably react as a fragmenting bullet through a different medium without alteration of the projectile. The geometry at the tip of the projectile has much to do with the way the projectile travels through tissue. It has been long known in the medical industry that a trocar point penetrates the dermis layer more efficiently. Patents for trocars appeared early in the 19th century, although their use dated back possibly thousands of years. It is the use of this geometry at the front end of the projectile that does specific work at the point of entry from one system to the next. Dependent on the medium the projectiles geometry is designed to react differently.