9mm Ammunition: History, Specifications and types of 9mm ammo

9mm Ammunition: History, Specifications and types of 9mm ammo

Jan 11th 2019

No doubt, 9mm ammo is one of the most popular handgun ammunition in the world. It is known as 9mm Parabellum or 9X19mm cartridge or 9mm Luger , this ammo is low cost and standard caliber worldwide.

The role of 9mm Luger bullets started in World War I and its continued popularity today testifies to its capabilities as an efficient and effective cartridge.

According to the 2014 edition of Cartridges of the World, the 9×19mm Parabellum is the world's most popular and widely used military handgun cartridge.

History Of 9mm Ammo

In 1902, DWM firearms designer Georg Luger developed the 9mm Parabellum as a service cartridge, designed for the DWM Luger semi-automatic pistol called the Pistole Parabellum, aka the Luger. He designed it to be lethal at 50 meters. Georg Luger developed the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge from his earlier 7.65×21mm Parabellum round.

Luger presented the ammo to the British Small Arms Committee in 1902 and three prototypes to the US Army in 1903 for testing. By 1904 the German Navy officially adopted the cartridge followed by the German Army in 1906.

As time passed, its use grew to encompass not only the armed forces, but police agencies and civilian self-defense as well.

Specifications Of 9mm Ammo

With different bullet design, 9mm bullet have different weight, casing, and pressure. Most FMJ 9mm ammunition weighs between 115 and 147 gr. General range rounds weigh 115 gr, while 9mm NATO is 124 gr, and some 9mm self-defense rounds are even heavier at 135 gr.

According to CIP rulings, the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge case can handle up to 235.00 MPa Pmax piezo pressure. The case length is 19.15mm and have a capacity of 0.862 CM³. Standard rounds have velocities ranging from 300 m/s to 410 m/s with an energy of 430 J to 640 J.

9mm Ammo Types

9mm ammo is used for armed forces, law enforcement, and self defense. With modern technology, 9mm ammunition comes in a variety of types.

  • Unjacketed: Unjacketed ammo features plan lead bullets with no outer casing, making them slow and less powerful.
  • Full metal jackets (FMJ): 9mm FMJ ammo is the most common and features a lead bullet encased in copper or another hard metal. They are used primarily for target and range shooting.
  • Jacketed hollow point (JHP): 9mm JHP ammo features a lead bullet with a hollow point inside. These bullets expand on impact, increasing stopping power, and are used by the military, law enforcement, and for self defense.
  • Open tip match (OTM): OTM ammunition is designed for target and competition shooting, similar to hollow points, but not as deadly, these cartridges are accurate and consistent.
  • Ballistic tips: 9mm ballistic cartridges are designed for pistol hunting, bringing stopping power and distance.

9mm Ammo Usages:

9mm ammo is widely used handgun ammo for self defence & target shooting. This goes for both home defense and target shooting. 9mm round is much larger and much more powerful. At the same time the 9mm is still and easy shooting and accurate round.

9mm is louder, has more recoil, and is more challenging to shoot. More experienced shooters, or shooters focused on self-defense would be better served with a 9mm.

9mm has the advantage of being present in all tactical competitions. These competitions involve defensive shooting tactics, quick draw, and speed over hitting a tiny bulls eye.

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